Breaks - (or Breakbeat) is an electronic sub-genre characterized by “breaks” or pauses in the melody.

Clip – A clip of a song, not the whole thing.

Drumstep - The unholy union of Drum and Bass and Dubstep.  170 bpm filth here.

Dubstep - 140 bpm BASS!

Free Download - Tracks being given away for free.  That’s right, no money required.

Mashup - Single tracks made up of multiple other tracks played together or in union.

Mix - A DJ set is many tracks played in succession, seamlessly integrated from one song to the next.

Original - Completely original tune by an artist.

Purchase - A track that will cost you money if you want to download it legally.

Remix - Somebody took a song, changed it up a bit and made it even better!

VIP – It means “Variation in Production.” Sort of like a producer remixing their own track, and making it better!